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Built With

Following technologies are used in PlyTon



- Laravel



- Apache, Nginx, Node, PHP, MySQL, Redis


Web Scrapper / Parser

- None



- HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, Bootstrap


Assets / Libraries

- Font Awesome, AddThis, Google Font API, Ionicons

- jQuery, Plyr, reCaptcha, OWL Carousel




- Cloudflare (CF)

- Google OAuth/OpenID, reCaptcha, Jikan, Disqus

- jsDelivr (CDN)



Third parties

- MyAnimeList, Anilist, Telegram, Wordpress, IMDB


Video Stream

- ProStream


Encoding Services

- ffmpeg, MP4Box, VideoLan




- 4x GCP Dedicated (Main server)  Apache, Nginx, Node, PHP, Redis, CronJob, MySQL.

- 6x. AWS 1CPU 16GB - (HLS Streaming) File Storage, Backup.

- 2x VPS 1CPU 1GB (Reverse Proxy, Python, misc backups) CronJob, Nginx.

all vps/dedicated are on different providers.




Final Stats Right Before Shutdown


Avg req : 150k/24h (CF)
CPU load : 25-47%
MySQL size : 46MB
Users count : Not Found
Anime tracked : Not Found
Logged-in rate : ±16%
Users with google sign-in : Not Found