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Elfen Lied

After escaping from her prison in a bloody rampage, murderous diclonious Lucy is shot in the head. She survives, but suffers brain damage, causing her to become harmless and baby-ish. Two university students find her and decide to...

Director: Mamoru Kanbe

Writer: Lynn Okamoto, Takao Yoshioka


 - Dub By -

Blood city dubbers


Cast - 

Soundtrack editing and mixing by Alex mercer

Lucy - Roshini

Kohta - Rahul parker

Young kohta - Tanmay

Yuka - Mrin  

Kanae - Era Anime 

Kurama - Nand lal 

Bando - Dragon dubber 

Shirakawa - preeti Preeti Manjunathaiah 

Side roles  : 
Assault team member - Shimkai 

Assault team head - Voice Artist Sonu